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Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2010

Unemployed Bum No6: Calvin & Hobbes Moment

I dedicate this comic strip to Bill Watterson who filled my childhood with joy and pleasure.
All of those afternoons, that I spend in the public library reading every single Calvin & Hobbes Book I could find, inspired me in so many ways I cannot describe.

He retired about ten years ago but still keeps all the licenses so that nobody can rip off of these wonderful childhood memories and dreams... :)

If you do not know Calvin & Hobbes I command you to go to the next library and rent all of Watterson's stuff immediately!!

I hope you like it.
done with pencil on paper A3 then inked with ink
full view please

love you

edit: now with correct text :D


  1. Ohtollohtollohtoll! Calvin & Hobbes, yaaay! Aber wen repräsentiert denn jetze der Schneemann?? ;)
    Ganz toll! ♥

  2. Ich möchte auch einen (Stoff-)Tiger haben mit dem man so tolle Abenteuer erleben kann. Danke nochmal für das Buch : D